Willkommen: Texas Wine on a Dime!

SoloShell Travels Texas on a Budget!

Willkommen to Deutschland. I mean Fredericksburg. . . Fredericksburg, Texas to be exact. Check your GPS. You might not realize that you’re only 75 miles West of the capital of Texas! At times, Tuscany seeps into your awareness as wineries abound in this land of fertile grapevines! The rich German-Texas town vibrates with old world goodness in shoppes and restaurants featuring schnitzel and biergartens that rival many authentic German towns. Fear not; however, this slice of European heaven won’t break the budget!

Many options await in the second most visited wine destination in the nation! After Napa Valley in California, this Texas gem flaunts over 45 wineries and vineyards right in the center of Hill Country, Texas! Whether you book a wine tour, take a wine-tasting room walk on the historic square, or drive to wineries peppered throughout the town, the amazing amount of taste-tingling sensations will surely astound even…

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Published by: SoloShell

I'm an elementary teacher who delights in beating the school-year stress by traveling Texas on a budget. Join me in budget-friendly journeys as I give tips and tricks to finding the best B&Bs for the money!

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