The Road to Meaning!!


I’m not going to lie! I hate instructional rounds. When I see my name on the rotation, I want to hide in the bathroom! I want to call in sick! I can’t sleep! I overeat, and in general don’t function like a 47-year-old teacher!

This time I decided to do what was on my plans. The truth be told, I felt I was over-reaching when I wrote them. Socratic Circles are not something I’ve seen in action, but I was given a tidbit about them during the summer. Since that day, my mind salivated at the thought of true student-led discussion! I dreamed of it. I bought books. I watched YouTube! I had no idea the outcome! Not until the actual day of endeavor, would I understand the process!

It was pure bliss. I, the teacher, sat back and timed the conversation. I only spoke when needed to facilitate the…

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Published by: SoloShell

I'm an elementary teacher who delights in beating the school-year stress by traveling Texas on a budget. Join me in budget-friendly journeys as I give tips and tricks to finding the best B&Bs for the money!

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