Cheers to the Naysayers! 

With all this talk of the positive, I want to reflect on the negative! Yes, I believe we should spur our students to success by giving rise to the positives, and encouraging any bit of hope we can! However, and this is a BIG however in my book: I’ve often been motivated by the naysayers! 

You’re starting to squint. I can see you looking at me out of the corner of your eye! Just like my 5th grade teacher did! See, Mrs. Smith thought I was a lost cause. I buried my math homework, and continually welcomed no recess (it was hot, after all). She often commented that I was headed for retention, that I wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans! Seriously, she made learning a chore, and I welcomed the thought of running away just to never see her again. 

However (here it is!), she made me want to prove her wrong. She was first in a long list of people I would work to prove wrong. When I was told I’d never make it in college, I rebelled and made straight As! So, let’s not forget the naysayers. They sometimes give us cause. I don’t want to be considered one, but I do thank the ones I’ve left in the dust. 

This being said, cheers to the naysayers! May they choke on footprints scuffed up and made into sand castles! 


Published by: SoloShell

I'm an elementary teacher who delights in beating the school-year stress by traveling Texas on a budget. Join me in budget-friendly journeys as I give tips and tricks to finding the best B&Bs for the money!

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