The Road to Meaning!!

I’m not going to lie! I hate instructional rounds. When I see my name on the rotation, I want to hide in the bathroom! I want to call in sick! I can’t sleep! I overeat, and in general don’t function like a 47-year-old teacher! 

This time I decided to do what was on my plans. The truth be told, I felt I was over-reaching when I wrote them. Socratic Circles are not something I’ve seen in action, but I was given a tidbit about them  during the summer. Since that day, my mind salivated at the thought of true student-led discussion!  I dreamed of it. I bought books. I watched YouTube! I had no idea the outcome! Not until the actual day of endeavor, would I understand the process! 

It was pure bliss. I, the teacher, sat back and timed the conversation. I only spoke when needed to facilitate the direction. And you know what happened? They dissected  the Willam Blake poem! They dug deep! They found meaning in an obtuse medium! They connected to real life! They found ways to make the poem meaningful! Without my expertise! Without me telling them what to think! 

I still don’t know how outside observers felt, and honestly I don’t care! It was without a doubt my favorite day as a teacher!  I was witness to the greatness of students  left alone to work out meaning! I was witness to students left alone without a sage on the stage! I felt justified as the learning facilitator I claim to be! 

Can I take credit? Not really! But who cares! The name of the game is leading students to critical thought. We have no idea what jobs we are preparing them for, but one thing’s for certain: their is no certainty! By finding ways to make true leaders with original thought, we make thinkers! That is the future I foresee without any actual knowledge or foresight. I implore you to give up control, and see what your students can do. It just might be the road taken that makes all of the difference! 


Published by: SoloShell

I'm an elementary teacher who delights in beating the school-year stress by traveling Texas on a budget. Join me in budget-friendly journeys as I give tips and tricks to finding the best B&Bs for the money!

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