The Educator’s Influence! 

We’ve all read the blogs about “That Kid!” You know the one that makes you crazy most days, and plays “Opposite Day” almost every day? 

Well, what are we really doing about it? Have you hugged that kid lately? Have you told that kid that you think they’re amazing? smart? well-qualified for success in your classrooms? Maybe you answer with an emphatic: YES! Or maybe you are looking at me with a questioning brow! 

I know: you’re annoyed. See, I was that kid. I crumbled my math papers in my desk in an attitude of defiance. I was told I just wasn’t good at math, and I believed it. No mention of the fact I’d been reading at an 8th grade level since 3rd grade. In fact, no mention at all. I was a “talker” a “questionable math kid” who would do well to work retail. Not my words: my high school counselor! 

My point is this: stop categorizing kids based on test scores! The student does not equal the score! Many intelligent kiddos are left behind! Build them up regardless. Love them without bounds! You never know what the future holds! Leave the door open to success; regardless of the data! Just leave them open! To success! To fulfilling a future you can’t foresee. What do you have to lose? Nothing! But pride in the future success of a child no longer left behind! 


Published by: SoloShell

I'm an elementary teacher who delights in beating the school-year stress by traveling Texas on a budget. Join me in budget-friendly journeys as I give tips and tricks to finding the best B&Bs for the money!

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